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High School Prep 4-Year Plans

The transition from 8th grade to 9th grade begins in your child’s High School Prep course, a class required of all 8th grade students that lasts for one quarter of the school year.  As we approach the end of the quarter, one of the biggest responsibilities your child has in this class is to determine what courses they may take during their high school experience.  This is a work in progress and can be changed at any time.

Students with Individual Education Programs (IEPs) are required to take a Directed Study course each year.  This course is equitable to our Connections time in middle school with a strong emphasis on each student’s goal area(s).  This can be found under Special Education course offerings as Directed Study with course number ALT482; this course earns ten (10) credits.

Other recommendations to consider:
  • English 9 (ENG110) and US History 9 (SOC110) are the recommended English and History courses for freshman.
  •  If your child is not currently enrolled in a Foreign Language, it is often advisable to wait to enroll in a Foreign Language until his/her sophomore year.
  • Math placement will be determined by your child’s math teacher at the end of the school year; it is likely that if your child is successful in Math 8, they will transition to Transition Math (MAT110), if they are successful in Transition Math, they will transition to Algebra (MAT170), and so on. 

Official registration for high school courses will occur in January; this process is to assist you and your child in preparation for that process.  Further discussion regarding the middle school to high school transition will occur at your child’s IEP meeting.